Introducing: Enable

As our house has continued to take shape more and and more each day, its personality has emerged. With the walls up and solar panels and windows installed, the House by Northwestern team is ready to announce the name of our house.

Introducing Enable: Your home for today, and tomorrow. Enable is the sum of two of our core tenets: ENergized, which refers both to energy-efficiency and an active lifestyle, and AdaptABLE, which means this is a house that can fit many roles and changes with residents as they change.  

The word by itself, Enable, describes the role we envision our house playing in a resident’s life. Our target demographic is between the ages of 55 and 70 and includes people who want to spend the rest of their lives in their homes. Aging is sometimes thought of negatively and in conjunction with challenges like reduced mobility, instead of considering the unique advantages to this age group like increased flexibility in lifestyle. By calling our home Enable, House by Northwestern emphasizes the ways in which our house enables its residents to live their lives to the fullest. Because Enable is both low-maintenance and meets the accessibility guidelines of the Americans with Disabilities Act, it meets the needs of its residents in the present and future. And because we care about what the earth will look like tomorrow, Enable uses the best green technology on the market to reflect House by Northwestern’s values and be as environmentally friendly as possible. In the earlier years of living in Enable, residents like Michael and Lisa will value the way their house complements their energy-infused lifestyle as they travel more and host gatherings with friends and families. Later, their house can adapt into a space that accommodates Michael and Lisa in their old age, whether that means it includes space for an in-home caretaker or for a wheelchair to move freely around the house. Whatever Michael and Lisa’s needs, our house is enabled to meet them.