Our Partners & SPonsors

House by Northwestern is made possible by tremendous financial and institutional support from within the University, especially from the Office for Research and Facilities Management. We are proud to work with an incredible team of partners who are leaders in their fields, and we are honored to share with you some of their reflections on our partnerships in the following video. 


Each of our partners listed below has generously offered us their time and resources, and for that we are deeply grateful. To learn more about partnering with House by Northwestern, please reach out to us at hello@northwestern.house.


















Our home features local artwork generously provided the Evanston Art Center and the following artists:

Abbie Ansburg
Nelson Armour  
Gail Drozd
Doug Fogelson
Ted Glasoe
Robert Larson
Mollie Morris
Katherine Orr

Individual Donors


Adlai Abdelrazaq
Ruksi Anandani
Daphne Apostolidis
Loren Ayala
Bill Bach
William Bach
Kenneth Beck
Annika Blatt
Dick Co
Kelly Colpoys
Lauren Delaney
Hope Didier
Sally Dillon
Manuel Dos Santos
Janet Duffy
David Dunand
Suzanne Farrand
Callie Fentress Tripp

Emily Ferrin
Jeff Henderson
Jeff Kan
Alan Kao
Paula Keats
Gordan Kucan
Elizabeth Lukehart
Andrea Morgan
Agata Nartowska
Mary Nubbe
Kaycee Overcash
Alara Ozsan
David Paul
Alp Paydas
Ken Poeppelmeier
Carol Post
Hilda Pyun
Joseph Raff

Scott Remington
Steven Rodgers
Ashley Secreto
Cemil Ege Serruf
Bruce Stephenson
Hasan Serruf
Heather Shin
Stacy Stroud
Xiaoli Tan
Maggie Waldron
Lynn Waldron
Will Waldron
Tom Wallace
Herman Wang
Billie Williams
Marjorie Williams
Ryan Yi
Kevin Zellers