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House by Northwestern team members are passionate and dedicated Northwestern students hailing from many diverse disciplines including engineering, design, sciences and the arts. In the past two years since the project was started, over 50 students have been involved.

If you're interested in joining the team, send us a note at hello@northwestern.house.


Dick co

Faculty Director


Dick is a chemistry professor and also the Managing Director of the Solar Fuels Institute (SOFI) where global partners are working together to produce liquid fuels such as gasoline out of thin air using only sunlight and water. 

"What I love the most about HBN is its ability to start exciting conversations with just about anyone. What is unique about HBN and the Solar Decathlon (and probably the most rewarding thing) is that we won’t just “talk” about these ideas, we’ll build an actual house!"


Teah Brands

Interior Design Team

Teah works on all things storage for the interior design team. She likes eating ice cream while watching Grand Designs on Netflix.

“Being involved with HBN has been both educational and empowering to me as an aspiring interior designer. I am very excited to see how our house will come to life in Denver and then permanently in Evanston. I feel honored that it will contribute to the Evanston community for years to come.


Gordan Kucan

Architecture Lead

Gordon is 6' 6" but not that great at basketball. 

"My favorite part of being on HBN is the opportunity to see our house being built and located permanently in Evanston where it will serve the local community. This project provides us students with this rare opportunity to see our design and work be put to actual use in order to change people’s lives for better."


ceci marshall

Communications Team

Ceci is a psychology major who loves marketing. She absolutely loves cooking and baking, and in her free time, she likes to cook new recipes.

"My favorite part of being on HBN is the opportunity to be a part of a movement to make individuals more aware of their energy usage in society. We are able to conduct this project locally and are hopefully able to see the effects our house will have on the Evanston neighborhood! It is exciting as it is paving the way for change. "


Joseph Raff

Electrical Lead

Joseph loves making and sharing food and would love to someday own and operate a brewery/bakery.

"Working on HBN allows me to take on a problem and work out the solution from beginning to end. I enjoy being allowed to make mistakes and try new things on the way to a novel solution."


Steve staley

Construction Manager

Steve is from St. Louis and is a Cardinals fan in Cubs territory. He studies Industrial Engineering and Manufacturing and Design Engineering at Northwestern.

"HBN has given me the unique opportunity to apply engineering concepts from coursework to a tangible application with a positive environmental impact. HBN has allowed me to learn the importance of flexibly, organization, and communication, while working with a cross-functional team in a fast-paced environment."

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Maggie Waldron

Director of Program Operations, Partnerships, & Communications


"I love working with our students and our amazing team of partners in Evanston and Chicago. I am inspired by the enthusiasm, creativity, and dedication that each of them bring to this project."


andrew crane

Construction Manager

Andrew loves making home-made ravioli.

"My favorite part about HBN is learning how to organize a construction project, and seeing the fruits of our labor as the house goes up."


Karla Lopez

Health & Safety Officer 

Karla was born and raised in the Dominican Republic and loves to dance.

"HBN is something I have never done before, so it’s a process of learning in whatever way works for each person. I like the challenge. It’s a chance for me to put my problem solving skills to the test, and that’s always fun. Also, the people on the team are kind of awesome."


Carolyn mcshea

Sustainable Design Lead

As a Dartmouth student with roots on Chicago’s North Shore, Carolyn is passionate about community outreach. She can can generally be found outside. This summer she almost learned to roll a kayak, but her efforts were derailed by significant nasal water intake.

“During my time here, I’ve been able to use my experiences and creativity to grow the connection between Evanston and HBN. I’ve also gotten to learn a ton from those around me. As a non-Northwestern student, I feel incredibly lucky to be part of a team that’s generating so much good energy.”


Lila Reynolds

Communications Team

Lila almost exclusively eats breakfast food and sometimes cries when she sees a dog. 

"Through working with HBN, I've been able to meet people from across campus that I probably wouldn't otherwise have gotten the opportunity to work with. Being around such passionate people who care about a common purpose has been super inspiring and exciting."


ellery stritzinger

Landscaping Design

Ellery is an avid rollerblader and prefers to do her most important tasks on wheels.

"HBN has introduced me to a variety of people as well as the to the beautiful, and complicated, world of plant design."


Bill Bach

Project Manager

Bill has been rock climbing since he was 5 years old and sailing almost as long.

"My favorite part of being on HBN is the ability to learn far more than I ever could in coursework. This project has allowed me to interact with students from other disciplines and industry professionals. At the end of the project, our hard work will have accomplished a tangible and impressive result."


manasi Kaushik

Communications Team

Manasi is the only graduate student on the HBN team and has recently learned how to boil an egg. She is an Indian classical dancer and loves hopping continents.

"It's my dream to be an environmental journalist and eventually work for National Geographic and HBN will hopefully take me a step closer to my dream."

Ally Mark.jpg

ally mark

Interior Design Team


vivien ng

Interior Design Lead

Vivien loves kung fu, ballroom dancing, video games and drawing. She once had blue and purple hair and misses it deeply.

"I saw the Smart Home exhibit at MSI in eighth grade and thought it was really cool. I wanted to build one myself but had no clue how to even get started, so when I heard about HBN it was a dream come true. I knew I had to get involved."


Sophie sisson

Measured Contest Captain 

Sophie is 5'1" and great at basketball.

"I'm excited to be part of a project that offers students so much hands on experience. The level of community and professional collaboration makes HBN a really unique opportunity. I'm exited to see HBN's impact on our Northwestern and Evanston community."

Major Zeng.jpg

major zeng

Architecture Team

Other contributors (pictured on top): Neha Anandani, Nate Argosh, Luqman Azhari, Luis Cartagena, Hyeon Jin (Lucy) Cho, Woo Soo Choe, Elizabeth Chou, Jimmy Ding, Manuel Dos Santos, Brianna Downs, Kathryn Eckhoff, Jordan Fleming, Ryan Franks, Alex Furlong, Denise Heredia, Haley Koch, Yoko Kohmoto, Adel Lahlou, Juveria Masood, Valerie Nubbe, Alexander Olivo, Zach Person, Kara Rodby, Millie Rosen, Becca Rymsza, Ashley Secreto, Madison Shirey, Alex Toporek, Ruijing (Hazel) Yan, Kevin Zellers, Renee Zha

Not pictured: Cemil Ege Serruf, Kerui Tan